About Us

We started growing the seed of our integrated medical wellness and movement center 18 years ago. We have built our successful businesses investor free. Learning business along the way, and 9 major renovations later, the constant spark in our facilities has always been the team we led and the vibe everyone feels when they walk in our doors and that they always feel even better when they leave. When 2020 vision became blurred with covid, we quickly pivoted to start ViruaLogic within days in order to continue servicing our dedicated community.

We are witnessing first hand that our boundaries are limitless, our growing libraries of information and talent can reach all corners of the world.

VirtuaLogic is a concise curated group of Like minded practitioners, instructors and doctors who believe in integrated health, wellness and exercise. The end goal is for the user to understand homeostasis and strive to reach it with guidance-but ultimately with self sufficiency. Every body’s past and future journey along with their present goals will create a unique prescription of modalities and learning.

There is baseline information that everyone needs. For every membership purchased, another will be given to someone in need. For every service or add-on purchased, a scholarship fund will be instilled to support the gaining of logic for the underserved. Health and feeling good are all of our most valuable assets.

-Rudy and Lynda